About Notes-Heaven and Me

I've heard some rumors about myself (some of which actually made me laugh) so I have decided to write a bit about myself.

I was born on December 10th 1983 (feel free to bring gifts ☺) in Leningrad. This means that I am not American, as some of you might have thought. The reason I write in English is that the Internet is not so Hebrew compatible. My family did Aliyah when I was 3 and ever since then we have been living in Jerusalem.

I graduated Leyada high school and joined the Air Force program Talpiot. Our relationship was a bit rocky and approximately halfway through the program I decided to quit. The last year and a half of my army service I spent in the Israeli Navy in the electronic warfare department.

After my army service ended in May 2005 I went on a trip in the US for three months (which was so fun!!). I came back in September and started my undergraduate studies all over again, this time leaving the physics out of it. So now I'm a math and CS major in HUJI wearing civilian clothes and damn happy about it!

As of January 2008 the Computer Science and Engineering School at the Hebrew University has been paying for the site's hosting.